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About Us

Dash Growth Enterprises is a multifaceted company that is a proven innovative partner in an array of services and procurement.

The proprietor of Dash Growth has had over twenty-five years of business experience in a number of enterprises. It is upon the successes, expertise and reputable client relations of those enterprises that Dash Growth, in 2013, was established.

Our diverse capacities have enhanced our professionalism in addressing the needs of clients whose fields include industrial manufacturing, construction, agriculture, non-governmental organizations and parastatal entities.

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``Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.`` Henry Ford

At Dash Growth, we offer innovative solutions for all your procurement and cleaning needs. See some of our services below;


Dash Growth has increasingly diversified and grown its experiences in the energy sector. Our partnerships with energy related government agencies and private entities has broadened our abilities, together with our partners, to deliver products, particularly in cable manufacturing and solar installations. Our interest is to continue developing innovative partnerships that will help our clients and our company – grow.

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Cleaning Services

Our company’s proven commitment to partnership and innovation is visible in every aspect of our enterprise, especially in our cleaning services. Our regard for quality, environmentally friendly and vanguard service is commendable. Our staff is highly trained in conducting themselves professionally to respect and support your work environment. We achieve the important balance of creating clean facilities and facilitating our clients daily work flow.

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